Piroche cosmetics in your wellness hotel in South Tyrol

A harmonious triumvirate of genuine beauty

Bringing together art, nature and knowledge, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the utmost wellness expertise, is the basis for the success of the world-renown brand, Piroche Cosmétiques.

With the balanced triumvirate of beauty, nature and cosmetics, an inspirational realm of well-being opens up for you in our 4-star superior spa hotel in South Tyrol. In addition to the efficacy of valuable substances, in exclusive Piroche cosmetic treatments centuries-old know-how from TCM unfold – energy blockades are gently dissipated, toxins are removed, pathways are stimulated and your body and soul are re-harmonised.

Every Piroche moment is about being immersed in the fountain of youth provided by revolutionary cosmetics, which live up to all the requirements of even the most fastidious of wellness aficionados – and gives the gift of radiant beauty. Discover this new body awareness and the inviting realm of our Piroche treatments.

Our expert Royal Spa team look forward to advising you in person.