Wellness in our hotel. 4-star Superior in the Ahrntal valley

Sophisticated materials, local wood and a picturesque panoramic view of the natural surroundings creates atmosphere. So you can breathe deeply and recharge. Feel liberated and healthy.

In our traditional Tyrolean Stube sauna a unique atmosphere awaits, characterised by tradition and cosiness. Relax and unwind during this particularly intense sauna experience in a space with homely, natural wood which provides a very special room climate.

Enjoy the invigorating effect of our herbal steam bath. The beneficial steam, enriched with powerful Alpine herbs cleanses your respiratory tract and promotes circulation.

The laconium offers you a gentle alternative to the classic sauna. At mild temperatures and gentle humidity, you can regenerate and harmonise body and mind.

The soft infrared light effectively supports your immune system while promoting your sense of well-being. For a sensation of pleasing invigoration. It is decidedly gentle and easy on your circulation – even during longer sessions of up to 20 minutes.

Enjoy refreshments in between your sauna sessions with drinks and fruity snacks, while you relax in the comfortable loungers.

Our professional sauna master pampers you with regular sauna infusions which stimulate all your senses & are invigorating. Discover the variety of the aromas from South Tyrol’s mountain realm, refreshing herbal compositions and liberating aromas.

In a charming ambience you get to relax after, before and even during sauna sessions, daydream or simply enjoy exquisite relaxation.

Yoga and
Everything flows in the valley of water. Working in harmony with nature.

Yoga is an essential component of wellness in your hotel in the Ahrntal valley. With expansive views, surrounded by the picturesque natural surroundings, our yoga practice is a holistic experience. Gentle movements, attentive adjustments to your posture, guided breath exercises and healthy stretching, based on millenia-old teachings, bring you closer to your own sense of self, while enhancing your willpower. Our certified and experienced Yoga instructor guides you through the exercises, while the surrounding natural surroundings with their streams, hills and warm sunshine, enchant. Fresh air, healthy nutrition and the versatile wellness realm complement the Yoga & Wellness offer in our hotel in the Ahrntal valley.

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