The gourmet hotel in South Tyrol - the Alpin Royal

Royal Bar

The melodic sounds from the piano make for an enchanting ambience. The open fire spreads its soft light across the room. Everything is so alluring; find your favourite spot, relax, have a good chat and sample the local wines, Italian grappas and internationally popular long drinks.

Probably the nicest way to bring a wonderful day to a close is to do so in this wonderful, romantic ambience. There is plenty of scope for dreaming together in our wellness refuge & resort hotel.

Connoisseur hotel in South Tyrol with sun terrace

Panorama view meets cuisine

In the heart of the idyllic Ahrntal Valley we have created a little hideaway for connoisseurs on our sun terrace. Take in the picturesque panorama and be tempted with some delicious speciality foods – this is how gourmets who love nature relax in our 4-star superior resort.

Connoisseur hotel in South Tyrol

English Lounge

Welcome to the elegant smoking room in the Alpin Royal. A private room which has a special style, billiards and gracious service awaits. We are delighted to enhance your evening in our English Lounge with a wine tasting session in the hotel’s own wine cellar.